Today, I wanted to share how I learnt to use textures in my work as I think its a fun and creative thing to do within the practice of photography. I learnt from the Guru Trey Ratcliff and this here is the link to where you can find the “Textures Video Tutorials”

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When you click on the Textures Tutorial link you will be faced with a few different options: Ultimate Package, Premium Package, Basic Package and Textures Only Package. Which one you choose is up to you really and what you are looking for… Trey is offering to give you all his own Textures that he has taken himself of various walls and floors and any texture he has found interesting all over the world. They were taken on the Nikon D3X so they are of very high quality, and dont worry if you shoot canon or Sony, etc., as they come in Jpeg format so you can use them with any types of images or software program. If you already know how to use them and don’t need a video tutorial then just purchase the textures only ($99), but if your pockets are deep and you need the video tutorial as well then purchase either the Premium($249) and Ultimate Packages($299).

I got the Basic Package for $149, which had the tutorial video and 25 textures. It’s a good option if you want to learn how to incorporate textures into your photography but don’t want to pay a premium price. He gives you the tools to do the technique and then its up to you to go out into the real world and take photos of textures yourself. If you are lazy, haha, and can afford it then get either the Premium or Ultimate in my opinion because when you are out on location it can be tiring to have to think of everything ! sometimes you just want to concentrate on the composition, lighting and the scene you have and not bother running around taking images of an interesting wall !

I recently made this image of the “Tokyo Imperial Palace” shot from across the moat with the technique. See for yourself the before and after, I think you will find its a really creative way to approach your work and something you might not have thought of before… so click the link (Stuckincustoms) above and use my discount code LukeZemePhotography to get 10% off all the stuckincustoms products, not just the “Textures Tutorial

Here is the After…  Click on the image to be taken to the shop for a professional print or canvas

Luke Zeme Photography Imperial-Palace1 Textures in Photos

“Golden Imperial” © Luke Zeme 2013

The Before shot…

Luke Zeme Photography Imperial-Palace1 Textures in Photos  Luke Zeme Photography Imperial-Palace-After Textures in Photos

When creating the image I used a combination of 4 different textures and then I took the image into onOne’s perfect Effects 4 where I masked some elements from Filters into the image using Adobe Photoshop. If you are unsure how to use Filters in your photography, I wrote a video tutorial explaining, in its most basic form, how to incorporate them into your workflow. Here is the link to that tutorial, I also show what I think the 2 BEST Filter programs are, for their variety and the huge amount  of Filters in the programs, and offer a 15% discount on them… so follow the link below to that:

Using Filters in your Photography and HDR workflows, by Luke Zeme

I hope this helps some of you out. Personally I think the “Textures Tutorials” are an invaluable tool to have in the bank and are great to pull out when you feel like having some fun and being creative with a shot. The purist’s of photography would hate this type of work but I come from an art background, of drawing painting & photography, so I LOVE IT !!! 🙂 If you want to have some fun, then go for it too !

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