In this Video I describe three different methods for removing Halo in your HDR photography editing workflow.

I use Photomatix Pro (Here is a Photomatix Pro 4.2.6 Overview) in my HDR photography and the guys at have offered everyone a 15% discount using the code “LukeZemePhotography” on all the Photomatix software line. So a big thankyou to hdrsoft as Photomatix is an amazing program and its great to share it with a discount. The image used throughout the 3 demonstrations was made using Photomatix Pro 5

The three methods I use to remove Halo in this tutorial are:
– Using a Curves adjustment Layer
– Using Adobe Lightroom to make adjustments to one of the original files
– Using Adobe Photoshop’s Saturation and Brightness/Contrast adjustments

Each method involves the use of Layer mask’s in Adobe Photoshop and can be used under a variety of circumstances where the image had Halo as a result of the HDR tonemapping process. If the Halo is too bright and there is no data to retrieve on the image you are working with then use the Lightroom and Photoshop methods described in this video, otherwise a simple Curves adjustment Layer mask will be a quick and easy solution.

If you like to watch videos in HD I uploaded the original HD videos and to change the setting on this video click on the little cog down in the bottom right and select a higher quality like 1080p or Original !
Here is the Final Completed edit from the Byron Bay Lighthouse after it has gone through my HDR workflow. If you would like a FREE HDR workflow I have shared my process in some video tutorials over here at this link.

My Free HDR workflow

Luke Zeme Photography Byron-Lighthouse Remove Halos in HDR Photos

“Byron Bay Lighthouse” © Luke Zeme 2013.

For my Museum quality Prints or to see the High Resolution image click on the picture above.

Thanks Luke Zeme.

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Amr Tahtawi

Luke my friend, i like how you addressed the reason for halos and then breaking it down for more understanding of how to fix it, i loved the video. well done my creative friend


Great article


Thanks for the kind words Amr Tahtawi and Goran.

Glad this could help your HDR work

Jason Borg

Great tutorial! I hate the Halo effect.


Thanks Jason, yup Halo is HDR’s natural enemy !

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