I decided to write a video a tutorial demonstrating how you might use Filters in your photography workflow to really enhance your imagery. Filters, when used correctly, can make the difference between a good image and a bad one. I give a thorough demo on how and when to use them in a traditional workflow, where you just use the one frame, and then in a HDR workflow where you will be using multiple images. I personally use the OnOne Photo Suite 7 which includes Perfect Effects 4 as a part of it.

LINK to all OnOne software

I use my two favorite Filter Programs OnOne Perfect Effects 4 and Topaz Adjust 5. 

  • OnOne has an amazing Filter program called Perfect Effects 4 – Free Trial OR (Preimium Edition $99.95 | $69.95 Upgrade) the standard edition is $29.95. When you see how many features are in this program you will be amazed 🙂 It has absolutely every kind of filter you can imagine,  +450 Filters, and ones you can’t. I use this one all the time ! Highly Recommend ! 🙂
  • Topaz Adjust 5 is one of my favourite Filter programs to use for HDR images but it can be used for all types of images too, and its ONLY $42 !!! (RRP $49.95)with discount code LukeZemePhotography, the possibilities are limitless and you can get some amazing results.

Both these programs are amazing and if you are on a budget I would say get Topaz Adjust 5 program for $42, but if you can afford it definitely get Perfects Effects 4. Me, I have both ! because they are slightly different and I use combinations of filters in my images so I like to have a wide range.

Below is the Video Tutorial… if you have any comments or questions leave them below 🙂

Video (change video quality in lower right of frame)

*note OnOne’s discount code has expired but they offer time-limited campaigns and promotions posted here which I will post on this blog when available (none currently available, please check back)


Here are the two completed images I edited in the tutorial

Luke Zeme Photography Sydney-Wakes-Up How To Use Filters in Photography

Sydney Wakes Up“, © Luke Zeme 2012

Luke Zeme Photography Sydney-Wakes-Up How To Use Filters in Photography  Luke Zeme Photography Brisbane-City-Sunset How To Use Filters in Photography

Brisbane Sunset“, © 2013

So I ended up covering a lot in the video, but there is also a lot I left out… I always find it hard to cut down on my material haha 🙂

If you have any questions let me know,

cheers Luke

Author: Luke Zeme

Website: http;//lukezeme

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