I began my own personal photography journey a long time ago, perhaps 18 years ago now and what I’ve found is that with the pace that the industry moves EVERYONE still has to continually educate themselves, even the pro’s ! So, constantly educating yourself is a part of the photographic journey and something we all do. 

Below are the video tutorials of Jimmy Mcintyre who teaches Luminance masks for HDR and Trey Ratcliffs HDR and landscape photography tutorials. I would consider these to be some of the best available and have been through quite a few of them myslef. Thats why I can highly recommend them.


Jimmy Mcintyre: Post-Processing Masterclass Courses

Jimmy has blasted onto the photography scene with video tutorials that no one else seems to be offering- Luminance masks for HDR photography. These allow you to create very realistic images using only Adobe Photoshop and plugins like Perfect Effects from OnOne. Check out a comprehensive list of Photoshop Plugins here. He bascially pulls back the curtain allowing you to see how the magic is made. I can not recommend these little video tutorials enough! You can select individual tutorial packs or get a bundle of them and they are quite cheap for the knowledge he shares with you.

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Luke Zeme Photography Jimmy-Mcintyre-tutorials HDR Photography Video Tutorial

Luke Zeme Photography Jimmy-Mcintyre-tutorials HDR Photography Video Tutorial  Luke Zeme Photography cityscapes HDR Photography Video Tutorial

Trey Ratcliff- HDR & Photography Tutorials
Treys photo tutorials inspire you to find your own path as an artist whilst teaching you his techniques for making HDR images. They are a must have set of video tutorials and I did them early on as well!


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Luke Zeme Photography Jimmy-Mcintyre-tutorials HDR Photography Video Tutorial  Luke Zeme Photography cityscapes HDR Photography Video Tutorial  Luke Zeme Photography Stuckincustoms-banner-300x250 HDR Photography Video Tutorial

Trey’s Best Selling Tutorial- HDR tutorial
Last but not least I wanted to mention Trey’s best selling HDR Video tutorial. This is an extensive tutorial for HDR photography with over 11 hours of video instruction across 9 classes covering topics for beginners and moving into intermediate and advanced topics.
Tutorial Price: $89 USD
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Landscape and Travel Photography Tutorial Series
Trey’s latest product, the Landscape and Travel Photography Tutorial Series: New Zealand, is selling very well. It’s the highest quality tutorial they’ve ever produced. It includes 4.5 hours of HD video instruction plus 2 hours of Q&A with Trey, and Trey’s RAW image files.
Tutorial Price: $99 USD
Coupon Code: get 10% off with code “LukeZemePhotography”


Excellent Tutorial for Beginning Photographers
Trey’s Art of Photography tutorial is an excellent place to start learning photography. The tutorials are a unique combination of interesting stories, live photo shoots, and step-by-step instructions on how to properly compose a photo, finding your artistic style, and improving the quality and beauty of your photos. 
Product: Discover the Art of Photography
Tutorial Price: $69 USD
Coupon Code: get 10% off with code “LukeZemePhotography”
Fine Art Photography Tutorial
Midnight in Paris is a truly unique tutorial featuring a collaboration between Miss Anelia and Trey Ratcliff. They thought it would be exciting to combine her dramatic fine art photography with his HDR landscapes into an intense hands-on photoshoot experience. You really have to see the amazing photos that were captured (and created) at the majestic Château de Champlâtreux in the French countryside.
Tutorial Price: $79 USD
Coupon Code: get 10% off with code “LukeZemePhotography”
Hope to see some of the results from your work on the social networks soon !
Thanks, Luke


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