When Topaz asked me to try out their brand new software Restyle they didnt have to twist my arm very hard as they already had filter software I use all the time, like Topaz clarity.

Restyle retails for $49.99, but will be on sale for $29.99 through August 31st with this discount code: restyleit

It differs from other software in that this one takes the colours that you already had in the image and substitutes them for new ones through a simple and easy click of a preset. Each preset comes with a quick colour tool bar underneath to show you what are the main colour tones in that preset. So scrolling through the +1000 presets is a lot faster since you can get the general colour’s of it without having to select the preset and wait for the preview to load. This is what I mean by the colour code preset toolbars, pretty cool, huh ?


You can then make all the adjustments you like over on the right hand side of the User interface and it has my favourite customisation panel- HSL. HSL is a panel found in Lightroom and Camera Raw which allows you to adjust the Hue, Saturation and Luminance of separate colours. So if you want more green you can simply use the green slider to increase. Im finding it to be an extremely powerful program for creating dramatic images and one Im happy to add to the photo editing line up.

There are also the tools from clarity here as well the black, white and midtones sliders AS WELL AS Temperature, tint, saturation, structure and sharpness !!! You can also make masks within the software it self which is very handy.

Topaz had this to say of the software…

Topaz ReStyle’s unique technology allows users to explore creative possibilities and dramatically change the look of their images. Topaz ReStyle expands your creative vision by offering photographic styles you might never have dreamed of, or that you simply didn’t know how to create. Topaz ReStyle gives you a ton of options with over a thousand high-quality photography-centric looks to choose from.”


So before even booting this software up you know you are going to get something very creative at your finger tips. They also stated that it had

Over 1000 Styles/Presets- Topaz ReStyle allows you to search these styles by overall style, individual colors, and keywords. For added convenience, styles are categorized by types of photography.

But as always with photography software the best way to show how it works is with examples. This shot of mine was taken last week over Sydney Harbour from the eastern suburbs and was a gorgeous sunset ! Let’s see what Topaz Restyle can do with it !

After installing the software it will show up in your Filter list in Adobe Photoshop

You can see the original in the top left of the image and then I put together a collage of 15 presets that I simply clicked. There are bucket loads of them ! and all of them as creative and individual as the next. I was actually pretty surprised at how many variations you can get off the one image.

Topaz Restyle exampleand here is a screenshot of the user interface and I think you will quickly learn that the possibilities are endless with this program…

Restyle UI

I definitely think that Restyle is worth you guys checking out ! So head over to Topaz and have a gander.

Thanks, Luke



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