I’ve slowly been falling in love with Macphun photo editing software! Especially Luminar! Why? Well because it has so many amazing filters and they are so inspiring. One thing that is important to me when I am choosing a photo filter program is firstly the quality but mainly I like to have incredible variation and Machphun software has this in leaps and bounds. What I love about Luminar and Intesify pro they have various filters, that are all adjustable down to the smallest of detail sliders, for many styles of images. So I can layer a sharpness filter, vary its opacity, with a landscape filter.. vary its opacity and many more… NIK color Efex PRO 2 has the one filter called pro contrast and many photographers get that software for that filter alone. But Macphuns photo apps have many similar filters to pro contrast and the BIG difference is that every part of their filters are adjustable where as NIK filters are one simple slider. So when I apply a Macphun filter I know I will be able to get it to look just the way I want for my particular image, because we know that all images vary in their amount of shadow, highlights, details, blacks, whites, contrast… and so on.

Anyways, thats enough of me blabbing on about Macphun! I thought I would just let my images speak for the software and then you can make your own mind up about if it’s the right thing for you. Macphun apps are MAC only hence the name MAC-FUN!

I edited this long exposure image of the Sydney Opera House in Macphun Intensify PRO


Macphun Intensify PRO layout below.

*note the ability to layer and adjust your filters in the upper right and you can add a mask to each layer and brush in and out any parts you like and dislike.


example of some of the adjustment sliders… to go along with color temp., basic tune, pro contrast.. there is also structure, details, micro sharpness, Vignette and Opacity.

Lots of presets to choose from and the ability to create and save your own as well. There are categories of Architecture, Black and white, Soft, Landscape, Creative, Detail Enhance and Image Tune.

These categories cover almost any situation or scenario you can think of and the best part about them is that you give you ideas on approaches to creating new things, which is great for artists/photographers looking for some inspiration in their lives.


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