Recently I was asked what programs would be good for someone with no history in photography editing but they could learn to use them to edit photos quite easily. I decided to answer that question with a short video that takes a quick look at what I recommend and why.

The two programs I strongly recommend for beginners are these:

Platform software and general editing

  • Adobe Lightroom 5- is just US $149, or you could upgrade for $79.00.

A Creative Filter Program, easy to use and comes with everything bar the kitchen sink

You can always purchase Perfect Effects 4 in the OnOne Photo Suite 7 which is a combination of OnOne’s best photography programs all rolled into one neat bunch. I personally have the suite and it can come in handy when you find you need to enlarge a photo or want to use a black and white editing program.

The Lightroom 5 Presets I recommend in the video

The Video explaining my recommendations and a small tour

Thanks, Luke

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