Yeah wow the Sydney skyline looked incredible last night! I was located across the harbour in the botanical gardens and zoomed in on the city using my Sony A7r mirrorless camera. The entire sky and waters reflection was golden but I wanted to just focus on the city. What stands out to me is the Sydney Tower on the left and I am always of its location within my frames when I am composing them as to me it is the most important building in the city 🙂

To get here you walk through the gardens and today I snapped quite a few images along the way down to the waters egdge. There are a couple with the setting sun in them that I really like and hope to share them soon.

Editing process:

This is a HDR image made from placing my camera on a tripod and shooting in aperture mode. I shot a series of images and then combined them using Luminance mask methods. For a video tutorial on Luminance masks please see this link.

– Luminance Masks and HDR Video Tutorials A series of tutorials by Jimmy Mcintyre that will change your workflow forever. Powerful, informative and well priced- definitely worth a look.

Software Used:

– On1 Perfect Effects – An amazing Filter program to stylise your images. Comes as a standalone filter program which can also be launched from Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture.

– Adobe Photoshop CC  used to layer, mask, make adjustments plus much much more. The Photoshop Photography plan allows you access to Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99/month, definitely worth checking out.

– NIK Collection

Image Location:

View Sydney’s Golden Skyline in a larger map


Sony A7r


Sony FE 28-70mm

Focal Length




Shutter Speed

2, 4 & 8 seconds



HDR info

HDR using Luminance masks


17th July ,2014


4:50 pm


Sydney Harbour Australia

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