Driving out of the bush, on the eastern coast of Tasmania, I was hit with this stunning coastline view. The icy southern winds bit at my cheeks as I took in the majestic nature of the rugged Australian landscape, but that’s part of the areas charm. With locations nearby with titles like “the bay of fires” and “wineglass bay” you know you are in an amazing part of the world. The Freycinet National park is truly one of the wonders of Australia and I loved exploring her out of this world features. I wanted to show a different side of it though, that moment when you are ready to run for cover because you know bad weather is on its way. The only question though is if it’s golf ball sized hail or torrential rain. On this occasion, thankfully, it was the later. But, I think we, photographers, often share our sunset and sunrise images because they are inspiring to us and you, but I’ve found there’s a certain charm to showing these other moments to a landscape. We start to admire the landscape in a different way…

Software Used:

The bulk of the work in this image was actually done using Adobe Lightroom 5, which I made adjustments using the slider system in the program. I then took the image into Adobe Photoshop CC and made adjustments using layer masks as well as the awesome power of luminosity masks to adjust the brights and darks of the image.

Image Location:

View -42.110417, 148.341387 in a larger map

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