Life moves at an incredibly fast pace sometimes, especially in a city like Sydney with 4.7 million people in it. 2014 has been a bit of a whirlwind for me and it seems like just yesterday that I was celebrating christmas with my family at Bondi Beach. So, thats why I was incredibly excited to be out shooting these seascapes up at Avalon beach the other day on the northern coastland of Sydney.

A fellow Australian ‘tog, whom I interviewed on my website, Mykal Hall once said you haven’t been shooting seascapes if you haven’t gotten wet. He is spot on! Whilst out shooting this image I was absolutely soaked from the waist down and after a while I was only protecting my camera and not worried about my shoes or clothes. Just on the other side of this rock pool off to the right of the image the sea was raging as it was high tide. I had to be really careful not to get washed away and often found myself running for the cliffs when a big set came through every 3 or 4 minutes. Mykal has actually shot this location before, but it is hard to find a beach which he hasn’t shot as he is on a mission to shoot them all! but I did my best to forget his compositions and work the scene myself. I was busy running in and around the ocean tidal pool as a local surf competition was being run on the waves behind it. It was fantastic to be doing the thing I loved and for them to be also competing in a sport they love. This time of the day is my favourite time to shoot when I can slow down time and really draw out whats happening in a place. I left Avalon Beach exhausted, exhilerated and happy that I had done the location justice with my images. The only thing left was to go home and get creative on my computer 😀 Thats what you see here! I titled it “Mood” as I thought it was fitting in so many ways.

Post Processing recommendation:

A photography teacher/instructor who has blasted onto the scene with some great tutorials on Luminance masks is Jimmy McIntyre. These tutorials teach you how to create more realistic HDR images using Luminance masks as opposed to HDR software like Photomatix 5. I think both methods have their place in HDR photography and are techniques you should have in your arsenal. We all known that digital arts like this move at a fast pace and I try to stay up to date with the best software and latest techniques and Jimmy is out there releasing some really cool stuff! Check out his links below.

Jimmy McIntyre’s Tutorials Links

Image Location:

View -33.636918, 151.331728 in a larger map

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Sony A7R


Nikkor 14-24mm

Focal Length




Shutter Speed

0.3, 1.0 & 4.0 second exposures



HDR info

3 shots combined w/ Luminance Masks




6:45 pm


Avalon Beach, Sydney Australia

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Mykal Hall

Its all about conecting with the ocean, as you have found out. :)) Keep getting your feet wet mate.

Luke Zeme

Yeah I think Seascapes are such a wonderful theme to play with… Moving to a new city, Sydney, I first wanted to capture the cityscapes. Now that I have done that I will be heading to ocean more and more. Thanks for the comment Mykal

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