This morning there was a lot of fog and dew on the ground as I explored with my Camera in the bush. I was lucky I wore my wet weather hiking shoes because I was getting soaked in the mud and grass, which is kind of fun sometimes I guess but not at 530am. The goal of the morning was to add something Australian to my portfolio as I’ve found that I mostly gravitate towards the city compositions and need to get back to my country boy roots a bit. As I was hunting for a nice composition with hills and gumtrees in it I spotted these roo’s on the horizon and they took my attention for a few minutes. I thought their silhouettes looked really cool against the rising sun behind them and quickly set up my tripod and started shooting some compositions of them. I was lucky enough to be able to compose a gum tree in the shot too ! which I was really happy about but I also like the dew on the ground in this one. There isn’t any fog in this particular shot but there was heaps about and I might return to this area again one day. Kangaroo’s get spooked really easy out in the wild and will hop off at great speeds at the slightest intrusion on their world. So I let them go about their morning feed on grass and roots and just kept on hiking through the wet bushland 🙂

A big part of getting an image like this I have to say is my passion for exploring, whether it be in a car or on foot. I love just getting out there and seeing what I can find 🙂

Software Used:

– Adobe Lightroom 5 catalog and adjustment program

– Adobe Photoshop CS6  used to layer and mask, plus much much more

– On1 Perfect Effects  An amazing Filter program to stylise the image. a standalone Filter program which can also be launched from Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture

Image Location:

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Editing info for others

This is a single exposure on a Nikon D800. I used a tripod and it is shot at 135mm. I started with a Lightroom preset I got from OnOne which I got when I purchased OnOne Photo Suite 7. I also used Perfect Effects 4 to add some contrast and colour. I then used Dfine and output Sharpener from NIK. Here are links to the software I used to create this image.

Cheers, Luke.

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