On the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, stands these incredible coastal geological formations known as “Cathedral Rock”. Over time the ocean and wind have weathered away all the sandstone leaving behind pinnacles at the very southern end of North Kiama Beach. There are many inspirational natural formations in the kiama area just 90 minutes south of Sydney.

I had to travel between the southern highlands and Sydney and this was about an hour out of the way, but it was one of the most imposing natural landscapes I’ve ever experienced. What I think I love about this stretch of coastline is that I could explore its beauty at all times of the day. This particular set of pinnacles line up perfectly with the rising sun at the moment and thats something id love to witness.

This long exposure represents the power of mother nature and the ever changing coastlines of the earth. I created this black and white to accentuate the amazing lines and textures of this composition.

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

  • Camera: Sony A7r
  • Lens: Nikkor 14-24mm
  • Focal Length: 14mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/6, 0.5 & 1.0 sec exposures
  • ISO: 100
  • HDR info: 3 brackets and Luminance masks
  • Time: 4:46pm
  • Location: Kiama, Australia

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