So, I’m sitting here in this hot chocolate café and have just ordered a coffee and looking forward to my caffeine hit, a photographer’s best friend. It’s a nice little quiet café in Southbank and a perfect place to sit back and reflect on my visit to Byron and some of the creations that I’ve made from my visit to the area.

To start off I wanted to make a few comments… There is an energy to Byron Bay and surrounding area that the Australian aborigines understood long before the white man arrived in his ships around 200 years ago. It is said that the power of the land is so strong that it should only be a place for visiting and historically parts of it held positions in dreamtime stories and were used in aboriginal ceremony.

My visit to the area was an artistic one and I have to say it turned out to be a wonderful experience as I found many amazing things to look at. I had all my high end camera gear with me to be my brushes and palette as I let the area doing the talking. Anyways, I took my tent, sleeping bag, blow up pillow and air mattress and got a camping spot right near the national park at the headland of Cape Byron. I’d rise early to wander and explore the coastline before the sun had risen trying to find compositions of beauty and inspiration. I pretty much try to make art that I’d like to hang on my own wall.

These are two images which were a result of those explorations and were taken at the world famous wave “the pass” and to make it simple for you to find it I have created a google map geo-tag location. Just click on the Longitude and Latitude below and you will be taken directly to their location on a map !!! cool huh !!! Maybe one day you might like to explore the are yourself.

Google Map Location: -28° 38′ 14.16″, +153° 37′ 42.37″

“Paddling out” gets you down in amongst the surfers letting you get a better feel of what it’s like to paddle out on a surfboard being faced by the raw energy and power of an ocean wave.

I love the surfers just sitting on their boards in this image and it’s almost as if you can see them bobbing up and down as the waves roll through.


“Paddling out” © Luke Zeme 2013. Please click on the image above to order prints on photography paper, canvas, or prints on metal please head to my photography gallery here

Image Location:

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Thanks everyone, Luke

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