Barangaroo Parkland has finally opened up in Sydney and it has quickly become a hot spot for photographers, not to mention tourists and people exercising. I shot this Pano to highlight all the stone they used to line the edge of park and sea side. It looks absolutely stunning and its fun to jump in and out of the stones as your move your way around the headland to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I was actually around the corner to photograph the bridge from these sandstone layered rocks, but the light wasn’t working for the sunset. So, I moved back around on the west side of the park and was able to get this wonderful blue hour shot. The colour you see on the right side of the image is from the fading sunset from about 20 minutes before.

Editing Software:

On1 Photo 10 – This software is for stylising, resizing, portraits, FX, and much more. Can highly recommend it

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