Welcome to my Photography Blog!

I’m really excited to have a space on the Web where I can Curate information on my journey as an photographer. I think it’s great that I can post stuff in here and people can view it all over the world instantly.

I wanted this space to be a friendly and educational experience for everyone and some main ideas the blog is based around are these

  • Write blogs about current topics
  • Share tutorials and Photography “How To’s”
  • Be more transparent as an artist
  • Have a place to share my photos
  • Teach people more about the world of Photography and HDR Photography


Here is a list of other subjects that will pop up from time to time

  • Share my current artistic projects
  • Discuss new photography post-processing methods
  • Share photographic adventures and experiences
  • Talk about equipment use
  • News
  • Share other artists work who inspire me
  • Share what’s going on in my studio


Stop by the My Print Portfolio to purchase some photography prints or canvas, that will be delivered directly to you from my printers worldwide. You can go directly to my print shop by clicking Order Prints in the Main Menu OR simply click here to be taken to my Image portfolio- Link to Luke Zeme’s Photography Portfolio

I also produce a calendar every year which are printed on hard premium papers delivered directly to your door or office. You can click on the banner in the footer of each page to go to purchase one of my Australian Landscape Calendars OR click here to be take their directly- Link to Luke Zeme’s Australian Landscape Calendar


Thanks again, and hope to share some of my art experiences as a photographer and hope you enjoy your time when in my space. Remember to be nice to others!

Luke Zeme

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