Today I set myself the task of recreating an image I made on my iPhone6+ using VSCO & and Enlight. The filter options are fantastic, but because they are only designed to be viewed on small phone screens the software can do a lot of damage to the images and it wont be noticed on such small resolutions. I didn’t notice this until I airdropped one of them to my Macbook to share on Facebook and G+.

So with the brand new On1 Photo 10 software I can automatically sync my high resolution photos from my Sony A7R on to the cloud. Then using On1 Photo Via I can go through the photos on my phone via the cloud. I pick a few favourites to play with in my iOS software and have some fun creating.

*The image was initially a 36MP RAW file.

Here is the iPhone edited I created.


and when I zoom in you can see that somewhere along my workflow the treatment of the images has left all these vertical lines in the image, a bit like one of those printers that is running out of ink right?

lines in the edit


and here is the initial untouched stratight from my Sony A7R shot so you know how much colour and detail I was able to get out the file.

original narrabeen shot


So the challenge I set myself, was to take the above RAW file on my macbook PRO and use all tools and software I had at my disposal to recreate the filtered iPhone6+ version. Why? because firstly, the filtered version can’t be used for anything like prints, advertising, website, marketing… anything. Secondly, to prove it could be done using my Macbook PRO using Lightroom, Photoshop, On1 Photo 10 software and NIK.

It was hard! I’m not going to lie. Whenever I’d play around in Lightroom trying to recreate the look, the sky might look close but the ocean and forground would be way off or vice versa. In the end I had to create multiple virtual copies in Lightroom- 3 to be exact! Then mask them in Photoshop using Layers.

There was a lot of trouble with pulling that blue out of the ocean and getting the greens of the seaweeds to show up that vivid. I also had to really go overboard in colouring the sky that red.

I also had to spend a lot of time in On1 Photo Effects 10 going through the various filters and playing with them to get the right tones and colours.

So after a lot heart ache and pain I eventually was able to get a ‘likeness’ of what I created on my iPhone and here is the result

Rich Sea of Narrabeen, Web Prepared

“Rich Life of Narrabeen”

What I learnt?

I believe the terrible line effect comes from the filters found on the software enlight, which is a shame because I absolutely love the software. I’ve done some testing with VSCO and i’m not getting that line effect which destroys the images.

Creating is easy! The process of going through your filters, whether it be smartphone or PC, then picking your favourites and adjusting… masking… adding… warming, brightening… all that jazz is fun! fun! fun!

BUT !!! trying to recreate the exact same effect is painstakingly difficult! I feel like for me now,  I need to cut out enlight iOS software from my workflow on any images that I might want to upsize later. The fact that we can now download our full res PRO shots onto our smartphones via the cloud means we can edit on the go. Of course the apps wont have the power of full photoshop etc. but we can still create beautiful images without our smartphones, so we shouldn’t rule them out as tools for the photographer. Just need to be wary of issues with editing for the small lower res screens.

Cheers Luke

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