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As a photography blogger and long time user of On1 software the team has given me a beta copy of the new suite coming out On1 Photo 10.  The suite is scheduled to be released in the last week of October. People who know my ethics know that as with all software I only share what I love and enjoy. On1 hasn’t paid me to say anything about the software, its all my own thoughts.

So far, in comparison to Photo Suite 9, I’ve found the 2 big differences.

  • Firstly the speed of Photo 10 is phenomenal, like the speed at which it is able to create thumbnails of my RAW photos as I scroll through them when I am rating and picking out my favourite images after a shoot.
  • Secondly is the fact that I barely need to leave the Suite anymore during my processing workflow. This is due to the all the additions the team at On1 software have been busy adding to their suite. There was a need to jump back in to Photoshop and Lightroom for other features, or other photo suite’s for this and that. Well now, basically everything is one spot! We can now switch between modules instantly and back again without having left the suite, which is a big time saver.

I’ve already been playing around with the software a lot over the passed few weeks and I cant tell I don’t want to go back to my old workflow as this seems to have a holistic approach to it. On1 software seems to have thought of everyone as well as the ability to share to social media directly from the app, like facebook and google+. We can now even use the app to browse our photos on our ipads and iphones where you could quickly go through and add keywords as well as rate your photos for later at home.

Here’s a couple of videos showing some of the very awesome ways you can utilize some of these new features in On1 Photo 10. I tried to pick some examples that showed features I was excited about.


Using ON1 Photo 10 for Editing Your Fall Foliage Photos

Dan Harlacher shows off some of the new features of ON1 Photo 10 and focuses on editing Fall Foliage photos. Cover ON1 Browse, Enhance, and Effects in this recorded live presentation Dan also fields questions from the audience.


ON1 Photo 10 Short Clip – Adding Your Favorite Folders

Dan H. shows one of his favorite new features in version 10, Favorites. A favorite is a watched folder which allows you to browse and search for photos much faster. A favorited folder also keeps track of all your folders and all those photos inside of those folders. Have folders of photos inside other folders? One of the coolest features of Favorites is the ability to view sub-folder contents one on screen and not dig through each individual sub-folder to find photos.


ON1 Photo 10 Short Clip – Erasing Objects in Photos

We want to remind users (and new customers of course) some of the powerful tools we are bringing forward from previous versions. The Perfect Eraser is just one of many tools still available in ON1 Photo 10. Matt Kloskowski does a quick edit by removing some unwanted trees in a fall photo.

Some of my own images I edited with On1 Photo 10

Narrabeen Pools, Sydney- Order a Print here



Carrington Falls, Budderoo National Park



Waves in the Sky and Sand, Northern Beaches Sydney



The release date for On1 Photo 10 is late October

Thanks, Luke

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