Scroll to the bottom to see how far in you can crop using only photoshop.

I wanted to show what the Nikon D800 was capable of using only the crop tool in Photoshop to zoom in further and further allowing for post-processing cropping. Some photographers will say that a good photographer doesn’t need to crop in photoshop and that they are able to compose the image out in the field. I think it doesn’t harm to have such capabilities at your finger tips ready to be used if you need it. Also it can be a very creative process to reframe images creating entire new ones from your original work.

I am going to use an example taken with my Nikon D800 + Nikkor 14-24mm @ 15mm, f/20, ISO 100 and 1/15sec.


Firstly the Original File, of which I just adjusted exposure, saturation etc. in Lighroom. No filters etc. I will show a width of 900px for viewing purposes on here, as this is the width of the browser, but original file is Width=7360 and Height=4912

Original File

First crop done in photoshop, purely with crop tool, shown @ 900px

First Crop

Second crop, also shown @ 900px width for web viewing

2nd Crop

Third crop, even further in ! shown again at 900px width


even further in, and still very usable for the web…

and a 4th and Final crop shown at 900px width for comparison but its original size is cropped all the way into width=646px and height=432px



I think this really shows how advantageous having so many MP (36MP Full Frame) can be for the artist and even other fields like wild life, journalism, Landscape, travel and sports photography. It does come with its burdens though and that being the amount of data you will have to store. But Hard drives and memory cards being so cheap these days I really don’t see the problem. If you think back 15 years ago a roll of film was around $12 and then another $10 for printing it, so you were looking @ $22 just to get your 24 prints done. Now we can store Terabytes of data for a couple of hundred dollars which is incredible really when you think about it.

Pretty cool stuff really.

Keep smiling

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