I currently have a gallery exhibition in Bowral on show from September 5th-18th. It’s in a small regional gallery called ten thousand paces, also known as 10k paces. The gallery is a collective of artists who all show their work together and then 1 artist will fill up a 9 meter wall with their show every 2 weeks. I’ve put together a show that consisted of work local to the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and Sydney to keep with the theme of the gallery- “local artists and local work”. I grew up in Bowral and it is a very special feeling to share my HDR and fineart photography with them.

The Southern Highlands News newspaper ran an article on the exhibition after a 25 minute phone interview between myself and the journalist Emilly Bennett. The article is a great introduction for people just getting into my work and also some great publicity for the exhibtion.

My artist talk was set for 2pm on September 5th as this was the official opening of the show. There was a great range of people at the event from friends and family to people just interested in art… Here is a shot of the audience and the gallery for my talk.


Here are a few shots of the Exhibition as well. We had prints ranging from framed A2 giclee to smaller mounted ones that were 12×16″ and 8×10″.






The show was a lovely get together and looking forward to showing the works in a gallery in Sydney.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below.

Thanks, Luke

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