I wanted to recommend this great video series where artist Trey Ratcliff explains the process behind his own journey of becoming an artist. The series was filmed on his travels and they not only film out and about, but there are also sections back in the studio with photo processing tutorials.

You can actually watch 1 episode a week for free! but if you’ve already missed some or can’t wait to watch them, you can purchase the pack + bonus material + photo raw files so you can edit along with the series. Purchase the series here- 

Becoming An Artist with Trey Ratcliff- Season 1

Trey wanted to do something totally different, something he had never done before. This series explores the answers to the following questions…

“What is it like to become an artist?”

“What is it like to find that creative self inside of you?”

…and for the practitioner, “How does Trey take and post-process his photos?”

Trey begins each episode with a very personal story. These might be strange stories from his childhood, embarrassing stories as a grown-up, or just weird stories about how he became an artist. You’ll hear how these stories emerged as life lessons which impacted his photography and art. The 15 episodes touch upon topics such as composition, color, light, and inspiration. This series will not only show you lots of photography tips & tricks but will inspire you to take your art in bold, new, and interesting directions.

Link to the Video Series- Becoming an Artist with Trey Ratcliff

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