So I *embarrassed face* have really only just starting using Google+ and to be honest it’s all because of the addition of the Google Community groups.

All you need is a Gmail account, which is as easy pie to create then just go to Google+.  The community tab will be on the left hand side of the browser when you sign in, click and you can start searching for communities that interest you.

They are so cool for photographers as everyone shares such inspirational imagery and there is a huge variety of places to visit. I wasn’t a huge G+ user in the past because I haven’t really been using their G+ hangouts feature and that was one of their big draw cards. If you arent aware hangouts are where a bunch of people can all get together and have a conversation via webcam and you can see everyones video feeds at the same time. It is a huge hit for google and attracted a lot of attention, still does in fact. Anyways just not for me haha… I also didn’t really think the sharing of images on Google was reaching their full potential, like say Flickr, because you added an image to your albums but how were people finding them if you weren’t in many circles. Yes there was the Tags system but to me it just didn’t seem to be worth my time and effort.

That’s where communities comes in ! The Community will have a theme and then you can receive information (updates/status) on that theme and they could be on anything you can think of from say “Famous Quotes” to “Sci-Fi”. If there isn’t a community on a topic or theme you were looking for, then just start your own and people can join 🙂

Here’s a bunch of HDR and photography Communities I joined just yesterday ! The little number in a red square indicates new posts since my last visit, a lot !!!

Google communities

The great thing about this for Photographer’s is that you get a lot of feedback on your work. You can easily discover and follow new photographers work at the same time. A big thing for me is how much time I invest into social media and tbh google wasn’t receiving much of mine but with this new addition I will be spending lots more time with them !


Here is a link to my google page, hope to see you on there >



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