For today only you can get an extra 2GB of permanent storage space for FREE today with google storage!

I use Google storage for transferring various photo and data files between devices and accounts. On my Macbook and iPhone6+ I’ve got the Google drive app installed, which is an online (cloud) storage drive. This means I can put things in the drive and then access them on any other device that can connect to the internet. Google will give you 15GB FREE and then today only an extra 2GB of storage. So that’s 17GB (15GB + 2GB) of cloud storage free and you won’t need to do anything except complete Google’s simple Security Checkup to verify that your account is secure — it takes just a few clicks of your mouse.


Google’s Security Checkup asks you to verify certain details on your account to make sure they’re up to date. You’ll also be asked to review login details and the apps you’ve given permissions to. Once you click passed those few review screens, you’ll get a message saying that you were given a permanent 2GB bump in storage. Woohoo!


The promotion ends tomorrow, on February 11th, 2016.


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