50 HDR and Landscape Lightroom Presets


Total Price: $12.95

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share my very own Adobe Lightroom & Camera RAW preset package, highlighting my very own HDR presets. The work behind the scenes on these was extensive and I’ve put together a package that will cover most scenarios. I spent a lot of time tweaking each preset to get them perfect and I think they represent who I am as a photographer and my personality too.

The package highlight is definitely the 12 HDR presets, but I’ve made some elegant and dramatic landscape presets that are sure to WOW and inspire you. The entire package includes 50 Lightroom presets and I have manually taken each individual preset and created its Camera RAW version so that it can be used with any Camera RAW compatible software. Some of these include Adobe Elements 11, Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC.

I’ve also put together a 9-Page PDF document with instructions on how to install these presets on both PC & MAC, as well as suggestions on how to use them.

Pack Includes:

– 10 HDR presets !!!
– 10 Dramatic Landscape presets 
– 10 Gradient Landscape presets 
– 10 Nostalgic presets 

 + 10 Bonus presets of a mixed variety including more HDR!!! and a mix of presets

+ 9-page PDF document installation guide. 

Total Price: $12.95

Before & After Examples:


Preset- HDR Breathtaking Moment


Preset- HDR Proceed with Caution


Preset- HDR Fruit Salad


Preset- HDR Breathtaking Moments



Dramatic Landscape Presets:

Preset: Red Wine in the Afternoon


Preset: Rapture


Preset: Decadence


Preset: The Name of the Wind



Nostalgia Presets:

Preset: Cool Ice



Gradient Landscape Presets:

Preset: Bondi Surprise

Bondi-Surprise Preset: Down at the Beach



Bonus Presets:

Preset- HDR Golden Light

HDR-Golden-LightPreset: Tunnel Vision


Preset: Egyptian Gold


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Thanks everyone and really hope you enjoy these presets.

Remember to share your work online with the hashtag #LukeZemePresets to share your work, as well as to see what others have created!

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