I’ve titled this image “the drop off” because that’s exactly what it feels like the ground is falling out beneath you, kind of similar to a movie scene in Indiana Jones or something. The are has such dramatic seascapes and you can watch the sunset with beautiful Kiama as your backdrop. Not far from here is a huge sea pool, actually one of the biggest I’ve seen in Australia. I think it’s a 50 meter one, which is pretty rare! Most of the sea pools on the east coast are around 20 meters so the swimmers in Kiama are lucky indeed. Kiama is a few hours south of Sydney, so I camped out the night before hand to get this shot. That way I was able to just wake up and stroll over to these sea platforms for sunrise. Camping in Australia at this time of year, late summer, is great as the weather is perfect at night. Not too hot! Not too cold!

Kiama has a lot of other amazing locations that I hope to take my camera too and look forward to sharing those here as well.on1-PHOTO-RAW-purchase-photo-editing-software


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