At 11pm last night a photography mate, who loves leica!, suggested a sunrise shoot at the Seacliff Bridge, in Clifton and Scarborough. So after a 4am rise and an hour drive south of Sydney I arrived at the bridge. It was still very dark and we had brought our torches to find our way to the top of the lookout. It’s about a 30 minute climb, complete with leeches and a lot of bush bashing, slipping and falling. When we arrived to the top of the climb there was a group of photographers already up there, huh! I didnt expect that. This was actually the first shot I took with my camera setup, Sony A7R, and was stoked with the long car trails along the bridge. The forecast had been for a sunny morning but instead mother nature had other ideas and at times it was sprinkling with rain for most of the sunrise. This ended up being my favourite shot of the day and am happy with the result.

Topic for discussion: How to get car trails

Getting car trails is fairly easy once you know how. You need to have long exposure times and the longer the better for ones this long. So you will get long car trails if your exposure time is 20-30 seconds and you can also get some cool effects with exposure times of 2-4 seconds when you are down on street level. I suggest using Aperture priority mode and then adjusting your aperture and ISO to get the exposure time you want. Your camera is smart enough to then adjust the exposure time to give you an evenly exposed image. Another necessity will be a tripod and to either use a cable release or a delayed exposure of either 10 or 2 secs. This will give you a really sharp image without blur.

Software Used:

Basic editing done in Capture One PRO 9

Stylisation was done in On1 Photo 10

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