I came across this stream in Sydney’s Royal National Park when I was exploring off the beaten track. We’ve had a lot of heavy rain the passed few days so I went out in search of waterfalls. It was hard going making my way up and down this river as we’re in the middle of summer and that made it very humid in this area of the forest. I stopped in this location to because it really showcased what its like in this area of the park.The water was surging through many of the rivers and it made for some excellent photography opportunities. I highlighted the waters movement with long exposure times and this is also give its a silky glow.

It was my first time in the area and I was armed with a map of the park and iphone to navigate my way around. There’s many amazing natural features in the park, not to mention the sea life you can capture on the coastline. After this location I headed to curracurrong falls, which is a 1.5 hour hike from the main road to witness the falls at sunset. The conditions were not so kind with what must have close to 80km/hr winds which actually made the waterfall come back up and over the cliff, which was an amazing site in itself.

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