PHOTO OF THE DAY- Dreamy Staircase in the Rainforest

This dreamy staircase is located in Australia’s Blue Mountains. To get to it you need to make a steep descent into a valley. As you drop further and further down the valley walls the landscape around you changes dramatically and it feels like you’re visiting many different locations not just one. There are waterfalls at every turn with lush Australian vegetation to usher you through the bush, rainforest, rivers, boulders, swimming holes and incredible lookouts along the plateau.

This particular set of stairs reminded me of a being in a dream and I just had to share it with you all.


Shooting Advice:

We were really pressed for time to make it back to the car before dark and so to save time I shot this hand held instead of a tripod. I was shooting on the Sony A7R, which performs really well in low light situations, so I bumped up my ISO to 1600 and this allowed me to shoot at 1/60th of a second. My rule of thumb when it comes to shooting handheld is to not go any slower than 1/60th. Anything slower than this time and you will notice the image will have blur in it and won’t be sharp.


Thanks, hope you enjoyed the image!



Sony A7R


Sony FE 28-70mm

Focal Length



Blue Mountains, Australia



Shutter Speed




HDR info

N/A Single Exposure


7th Feb, 2015


1:58 pm

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