A storm comes in from the west over Sydney Harbour and brought lots or lightning and thunder with it. I positioned myself at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair near the Sydney Botanical Gardens and watched with amazement, I love a good storm… So exciting! When the storm moved across the harbour towards us it brought an intense amount of rain and we all had to shelter underneath a small cave in the rock wall. I think there were about 10 tourists with me all hiding from mother nature.

Software Used:

OnOne Photosuite  the complete collection of photo editing software from OnOne

Photosuite 9 has just been released and I love many of the new features. I used a preset filter from the library, a bleached look, and made various layers of other filters including a vignette, noise reduction and more contrast.

I also used Luminance masks back in Photoshop and sharpened the image there.

Shooting Tips:

Shooting lightning in the day is much harder than shooting at night. At night time you can just set your exposure times to 8 seconds quite easily using a closed aperture, tripod and cable shutter release. But in the day it is very difficult to get exposures times that high. So I added a ND, Neutral Density, filter to the front of the lens so that not as much light will reach the cameras sensor. There are various types of ND filters but on this occasion I used an ND8 and was able to get exp. times close to 1 second. I picked up for around $25, but you can shop around for better deals and even get high end ones for over $100. Ideally you want to get around 8 seconds but as I have switched to Sony from Nikon I have yet to replace my nikon filters completely.

I tend to set up my shooting settings on my camera and make sure it is in manual focus. Then just shoot a series of interval shots, meaning it will shoot the exact same settings one after the other. It depends on your camera etc. but the Sony A7r can shoot 5 images in a row. On the Nikon D800 you can shoot a lot more for example.


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Sony A7r


Sony FE 28-70mm

Focal Length




Shutter Speed

0.7 sec




31 October 2014


3:00 pm


Sydney Harbour, Australia

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