This time of the year the sun sets directly behind the Sydney Opera House from Mrs Macquaries Chair. It looks spectacular and its the perfect way to end a day.

No matter how many times I visit or photography Sydney Harbour I am always amazed at its beauty. For example I wandered through a the botanical gardens, filled with exotic plants from all around the world, to get down to the waters edge here. So even on the way to the location I was witnessing beautiful things and then I got to watch the sun set exactly behind the Sydney Opera House. The suns rays were so warm on my face and the ocean current washed small waves over the rocks around me, gorgeous! Australia can be a wonderful palette for an artist in the modern era.

Software Used:

To create this photo I used one of my presets from my Luke Zeme Lightroom Preset Pack. You can purchase it for $12.95 here. 

Then I edited the image in

– Adobe Photoshop CC  used to layer, mask, make adjustments plus much much more

 On1 Perfect Effects– An amazing Filter program to stylise your images. Comes as a standalone filter program which can also be launched from Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture.

Editing Techniques

So I used a lot of blending and a method called Luminance Masks to blend together 3 exposures to allow for the shadows and highlights to be visible. I can highly recommend the Luminance masks videos created by Jimmy Mcintyre. Here is a link to those Luminance Masks Video Tutorials. Here is a link to those Luminance Masks Video Tutorials.

Thanks, Luke 


Sony A7r


Sony FE 28-70mm

Focal Length




Shutter Speed

1/10, 1/4 & 1.0 second exposures



HDR info

3 images blended using Luminance Masks


12 May 2014


5:00 pm


Sydney Harbour, Australia

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