After using the Sony RX 100 mk II for the past 3 months I have found many similarities between the two when my A7r arrived today. The obvious ones are in the look and layout of the buttons and functions. Even the menu systems are almost identical, with the A7r having more depth settings.

The feel of the cameras is very similar too, with the bulk of their shells being metal and they weigh about the same. The A7r is surprisingly light!

There is a cool feature on the eye piece of the A7r which only turns on the image inside when it detects your face coming up to the camera, and it turns the rear LCD off. There is going to be lots of cool features to unfold with this camera as the days go past, one of those being the one touch wifi system. After initially connecting a smartphone to the camera all you have to do in the future is touch the phone and camera together to connect them, did I hear an awesome?! haha

So far I don’t have the Metabones Nikon G to Sony e-mount adaptor but I do have one on order. I did however get to play around with a Nikon F to Sony e-mount adapator today but there was very limited user control. So I am eagerly awaiting for my metabones adaptor to arrive. As a Landscape photographer I will be making the bulk of my images on this camera with the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 ED lens. It’s just such a beautiful lens @ 14mm’s and I love the perspective at this length.

Here are some juicy side-by-side images for you to feast your eyes on!




Look forward to sharing lots of cool images with these guys!

Cheers, Luke

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