Just placed an order for my Sony A7r mirrorless Camera and it’s in the mail, can’t wait to take her out for a spin. There are a lot of positives for switching to a mirrorless system but some of the main benefits is that it weighs 40% of the D800 and costs about 75% as much.

Interestingly Sony offers Australian customers a free Lens Adapter and choices include:

– Canon EF, Nikon G, Leica M or Sony A-Mount to Sony E-Mount.

I’ll be going with the Nikon G adapter myself as I still have some of my lenses from my Nikon D800 DSLR kit.

Some of my thoughts on the A7r:

I’ll be looking forward to using the Nikkor 14-24mm lens on the A7r and see how it compares to the D800 in image quality, both of which are Full Frame 36MP cameras. There is a lack of an AA Filter on the A7r just as there was on the D800E, so I may end up having to learn to remove moire from images. That said nearly all of my work is done out in nature and doesn’t have many man made objects in them, which is where you mostly find moire. The Auto-focus system isn’t as flashy in this camera but as a Landscape photographer I work in an methodical manner and manually focus

Sony A7 vs. A7R Hands-on Review

The Guys over at Digital RevTV have just released their A7 v A7r hands on review film and thought others would be interested in watching it. (I think they are hilarious!!!)

Thanks, Luke

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