The entrance to the tunnels under Sydney start here and it even goes deep under Sydney Harbour over to North Sydney, the tunnel can be scary if you imagine all the water above your head! During Peak hour traffic this area can get very congested, like any city with millions of people in it can 🙂 I was on my way home from shooting a sunset from Macquaires chair when I’d seen how beautiful this view of the city was. Plus it was during blue hour, my favourite time to shoot cityscapes. What I love about this shot is the last pink wisp’s of colour in the clouds, like fairy floss.


This image was made using 2 exposures. The first was 4 seconds to get a good shot of the sky and then I extended the exposure time on my camera to 15 seconds to get all the light trails in the foreground.


I actually used one of my own Adobe Lightroom presets and you can have a look at those here- My Adobe Lightroom presets preview. I will be releasing these shortly so check back if you are after them, or you can email me and I’ll add you to a contact list.

After applying the preset in Adobe Lightroom 5 I then took the image into On1 Perfect Effects where I used 2 presets- Dark contrast and Magic Ocean. What I like about the dark contrast preset is that I can control the levels of blacks and shadows in the image. I then used Magic Ocean and this always does great things with your blues, I can’t explain it but it does ! The rest of what I did to the image was in Adobe Photoshop CC, but you can also use CS6 or Elements as these will have the same adjustment options. But yeah adjustment layers in Photoshop can be a quick easy way to make changes to your images.

Image Location;

View City Trails in a larger map

Thanks, Luke

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