The eastern Suburbs of Sydney are probably my favourite area of the city because I like the calm waters of the bays nestled in around the headlands. This is the beautiful Rushcutter’s Bay which was only a couple of blocks from the studio I am staying in at the moment. I wander down here before breakfast and the water is very quiet and peaceful. You can see there is a long stone path that you can walk along all the way around the boat harbour and up to Darling Point. The in-thing these days is to get a personal trainer and do your workout with them early in the morning before work and there are heaps of people out at 6am in Rushcutters Bay Park all getting fit. People are busy doing push-ups, running laps of the cricket oval, pulling on weights, swinging those huge ropes they use on giant ships and anything you can think of to get fit. Most of them are in groups which in case you didn’t know are sometimes called boot-camps, because of their similarities to the army (hehe).

We also found an awesome Bohemian beer cafe in Kings Cross yesterday and I tried some absinth done the traditional Czech way, hehe. I won’t be posting any photos of that fortunately for me haha, but that was a really fun experience. Sydney has so many little areas to explore and experience and I’ll try to share some more of the suburbs each day.

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Photomatix PRO – Is a MAC and PC HDR software for creating stunning HDR images. They have a free trial, but if you end up buying a copy of Photomatix you can get a 15% Discount with the coupon code LukeZemePhotography

 On1 Perfect Effects  An amazing Filter program to stylise the image. a standalone Filter program which can also be launched from Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture

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