I’m currently staying at my friends studio apartment in Pott’s Point, Sydney, and there is this family of Rainbow Lorikeet’s which have been visiting the place for years. There are these cute little notes, left behind from previous tenants, explaining how they named the mum and dad, Meggy and Simon respectively. Also that they had babies and that they named them, Molly and Hinky Dinks 🙂

What these lorikeets love to eat is honey and birdseed, so we put a small amount of honey in this little ceramic bowl and then added some water to dilute it a little so it’s easier for them to eat and also I think it’s better for their tummies. They are absolutely gorgeous birds and they are so friendly the way they just come and sit on the window sill not more than 1 metre from this desk that I am writing my photography blog on. Just fantastic to have my morning coffee with these little guys so close by. How beautiful are all the colours on them ??? and I am sure they have inspired many artists alike before me…

Software Used:

– Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers – Get access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Behance membership and 20GB of cloud storage for $9.99/month

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