Australia is a HUGE country !!!

Once when I was 25, my friend and I got in his $1200 car and drove around 2600km north over 2-3 days up the coast line from Wollongong to Innisfail. We’d decided to pack up our lives, I was still half way through art school, and hit the road for tropical north Queensland. We wanted what most guys our age wanted, an adventure (and to meet girls), and boy did we find an adventure and met some wonderful people 🙂 but that’s a story for another time…

Currently I’m living in south east Queensland with the intention to move to Sydney at some stage. I’m working on my photography and art business Full time, and it’s when I’m out photographing morning scenes like this that I am reminded of the vast expanse of Australia. Taking that trip when I was 25, as the landscape sped past me, opened my eyes up to what we have here on our own shores. I’d been to many countries in Europe, the UK and asia and travelling to these places can really remind you of how young modern society is here in Aus. Our eldest western buildings are all of 200 years old and you can drive for hours without seeing a single soul here.

For a long time when I started my business my eye’s were always focused abroad, on Europe, on Asia, the US… always on the horizon but more and more I’ve realised that there is also so much undocumented beauty here in my own country. I’ve decidedly settled my focus much closer to home and have been exploring the area’s west of Brisbane in my car during the day these past for weeks. Driving west you will hit ipswich and then heading south from there you will find 100’s of farms, just like the one in this photo. The whole area is extremely fertile as it s sheltered from the westerly winds by the great dividing range. This mountain range also provides rain by forcing weatherly fronts to rise and consequently releasing moisture as rain.

Pictured in this image is any farm you might notice out your window when passing through the area and there is nothing special about it. But it is special to me and to most who live in Australia. You can see the rising sun casting beams of light out from behind a cloud, the dew on the grass, fog floating across the hill and the recognisable silhouette of gumtree’s. As kids this is our playground and where we went to explore and get into trouble. I have so many fond memories of the Australian bush…

Image Location:

View “Blades of Silver” Australian Farm print by Luke Zeme in a larger map

Editing info:

I wasn’t attempting to go for an ultra realistic edit on this one, obviously, but rather I had this idea to have a purple sunrise in the bush over a silver paddock/farm. So this image was realised as an idea and then I edited it to completion with set goals in mind. I am starting to get to a point where I know how I will go about editing a photo before I’ve even started it. I saw an article the other day which talked about photo edits being mood related and I’d say hands down most of the article related to me. I am always working spontaneously and an image I edit one day will turn out totally different if I left it for a couple of days and did then instead.

I wanted to show what it’s like on a wet and cold morning on Australian farm and to highlight some of the defining features.

Software info:

Understanding how your software works and what they are capable of is just a matter of exploring them and making mistakes yourself. It’s important to do tutorials from the pro’s but at the end of the day each image is different so my advice is to just practice practice practice. Here is a link to heaps of different learning tools though !!!

It’s like they say “if you want to break the rules, first you must understand them

  • OnOne– has many different tutorials and training resources under the LEARN tab
  • Topaz – also provides its users with a variety of learning platforms under the RESOURCES tab
  • NIK– Also offers a great educational community under the LEARN tab.
  • Photomatix Has heaps of training material at this link


Cheers, Luke

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