Before I went to Japan I researched locations and had a loose plan of where I would be at each sunrise and sunset because HDR photography looks best at these times. These types of shots that I got whilst travelling from location to location are what I consider to be ‘in between moments’. I was travelling to a giant bamboo forest on this particular day, in the rain mind you, when I had a 20 minute wait for my connecting train here at Kyoto Station. So I did what any normal person would do, I explored ! The Kyoto train station is gi-normous ! gigantic and enormous put together. Not only are there all these levels here but there are many tunnels and platforms under ground too. Also there are heaps of bullet trains here which you could take to various locations all over Japan.

The Japanese do nothing half-arsed and everywhere  you turn is something of epic proportions. Here in Australia we might dedicate a nice building to the major train station of a city, but it would be nothing like this. If you are travelling to Japan you have to be prepaired to be wow-ed at every turn because it’s both the modern and ancient architecture which will amaze you.

I slowly got used to being around so many people too and as time wore on standing shoulder to shoulder packed inside a train like sardines in Tokyo became a normal everyday thing to be doing. The train station below is pretty busy and I don’t know if that’s how it usually is or that the fact that its a saturday and raining add to this. You can kind of tell that it’s raining outside from all the water being trudged in at the entrance and everyone is wearing coats too.

Whilst editing the image, due to the high amount of detail, I noticed a clock telling the time as 10:46am and like everything in Japan things run like clockwork. If your train says it will be there at 11:02, then it will be there on the dot ! It’s incredible how the system is on time like that. I loved it ! Precision !

You can see in the shot a few sweet shops and a cafe for example and these were at every train station. I would explore them all buying and tasting everything I could, especially all the sweet stuff 🙂 I have a big sweet tooth. I love how the HDR technique made this image look kind of 3D, as I think it really suits this type of shot.

Image Location:

View Kyoto Station in a larger map

Some info for photographers, Software Used:

I used all my usual gear and software in this image but I’d say the main look was achieved using Topaz Adjust 5 and Topaz have offered all my readers 15% off what is already a great valued product. You can use the code LukeZemePhotography to get your discount. Here is the link to it and it comes out to around $42 with the discount.

I also masked in other Filters from Perfects Effect 4 from OnOne

If you have any questions about the editing you can ask below or privately in the contact sheet above.

Thanks, Luke

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Hi Luke,
Really loved this image.
Just wondering in Topas Adjust what kind of filters to you use, the same for perfect effects 4?

Luke Zeme
Thank you Vineet, It is a beautiful train station and thanks for the compliment ☺ Just so you are aware, this is a 5 bracket HDR image on a Nikon D800 and I wouldn’t have been able to get all the detail in the bright areas of the image without this process, for example where you can see buildings outside on the right OR the staircase that leads outside in the center of the composition. Regards to filters sure I can share that info, so for Topaz Adjust 5 I masked in various areas and opacities from Dynamic POP II… Read more »
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