Surfer’s Paradise Australia. This is the Most famous Coastline in Australia known as Surfer’s Paradise, which is situated on the Gold Coast.

Shooting HDR allows you to do something special, well lots of special things in my opinion, but one in particular is to the ability to shoot through glass. Normal photographic technique won’t allow you to capture this scene without the shot having a myriad of reflection spots or glare. I have recently been very interested in a photographer Daniel Cheong who is shooting similar types of cityscapes but in Dubai. His work is shot from rooftops and balconies throughout the city, sometimes 150 stories up. His fantastic editing style is a compliment to the views where he uses a very realistic HDR process. Various other influences urged me towards capturing this shot from a background in surf culture, a love of the beach and knowing that it might be a possibility of moving from queensland so wanted to get the shot before I leave.

There are plenty of tall buildings in Surfer’s but I decided to go up the tallest to get the kind of perspective of the coastline I wanted. The location is the observation deck, Q1 skypoint tower where I arrived about 1 hour before sunset and took a few test shots to work out compositions and then waited for the colour show to begin. Back in the studio though it took about 10 hours more of editing to get the blend, toning and colours just right.

Image Location:

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Thanks, Luke

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