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Aurora HDR wins “Best App of the Year” honors from Apple + Special Offer


BEST Windows HDR Software – Aurora HDR 2018 (VIDEO)

Super excited to announce on my blog the official release of Macphun's #1 HDR photography app for Windows and MAC. It is the 3rd installment of the HDR photo app for MAC users and it's called Aurora HDR 2018. It was initially released for MAC [...]


YouTube’s Top 5 Photo/Video Stars On The Rise

It's not often that I share other people's content on my website as I, for the most part, only share my own created content, a fact I'm proud of. But I was having a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home with my wife and was watching photography [...]


Sydney’s Top 10 Photography Hotspots

Sydney is Australia's most populated city with over 5 million Sydneysiders living here in 2017. I think the appeal lies in living in a big city whilst having the beach on your doorstep. You can be sunbaking on the beach one day, then be in [...]


PHOTO OF THE DAY – Fantastic Sunrise at Bronte Baths

Pictured here is a fantastic warm sunrise over the waters of Bronte Baths (which are seaside swimming pools!). It's located at the south end of Bronte beach, which is just one beach south of the world famous Bondi in Sydney. I wanted to share [...]


Ultimate LIST of FREE Lightroom Presets

Many online sites share packs, sets and individual FREE Adobe Lightroom Presets and I decided to make an ULTIMATE list with links pointing directly to these presets for you. There are a lot of good ones out there but also a lot that aren't worth [...]


Best HDR Software Reviews & Comparison, 2017 Premium to Free

Welcome to the Best HDR Software Review list for Windows PC, MAC and Linux! I will be reviewing all the HDR software out there and separated them into 3 categories- Premium, Mid-Range and Free-Low Range.  The process of creating a HDR image [...]


PHOTO OF THE DAY- Vivid Sydney Skyline 2017

Sydney is epic during Vivid Sydney Light festival! The bridge is even lit up along with a selection of skyscraper buildings in the city CBD, boats are covered in lights, there are light art installations all over the city, interactive exhibits, [...]


Vivid Sydney, Photography Tips and Tricks

Vivid Sydney is a light show of unprecedented size! Every year it gets bigger and better. This year is no exception with some really fun and creative light installation artworks spread across the city. I was lucky enough to have my images [...]

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Worlds Most Famous HDR Photographer switches from Apple to Windows

A few weeks ago the world's most famous HDR Photographer, Trey Ratcliff, announced that he was switching from Apple to Windows. Now that the dust has settled it seems like a good time to go over what happened and how the internet reacted. At [...]

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